Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall firsts

Sent my little girl off to preschool last month.

Visited a pumpkin patch for the first time.
She wrote her name all by herself.

Anna's 3 1/2 year stats are 34 lbs and 39 inches tall.  Size 9 shoe and 4 clothing.

She flat out rejects dinner 90% of the time and throws a fit if we refuse to cater to her special orders.  No dear, you can't eat jam sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Despite this though, she has a varied palate and really isn't very picky.  Like a lot of parents, I'm sure, I'd like to see her eating more veggies. She could live on fruit and carbs. 

She has imaginary friends named Ella and Wee-Wee that she insists on buckling up for car rides. What a wild and funny imagination she has.