Sunday, December 30, 2012

The craftiest Christmas I ever crafted

I was inspired this year, thanks to Pinterest to do a lot more crafting than I have in past years. I usually manage to get a blanket or something quick and easy made for at least one child, but this year I went all out.

It all started with the Juggling Chickens for A...

Then Cupcake Pin cushions for the girls.

Well, of course the pin cushions needed sewing kits to accompany them.

I finally got around to finishing the PJ pants I've intended to sew for a few years now and they ended up being too small, so W inherited them.  No pattern.  I just laid a pair of my pants down and cut around them.

I made up some of these Sweet little birdies and M gave me a hand with them.

A got a gnome hat, which I just winged and a Tutu from my Oliver and S: Little Things to Sew book.

Bath Salts with a slight variation to this recipe.

Oh, the Sock Monkey army!  Each kid got one and hubby adopted the red eyed guy and named him Lucifer.

The Crayon and Make-up brush rolls weren't done with a pattern.  I just melded together a few different tutorialsI found online.

Heat bags:
Tea Party accessories:
Couldn't leave out  my big girl's wish for a tutu:
Dolly diapers.  One of which the vacuum has already eaten.

A Terrarium for my boy:
And last, but not least, what I consider to be the Piece de la resistance, made by my talented husband.  Wooden popsicles:

Phew!  It's been a couple months of evening crafting, but I love it!