Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our little fashionista

It's been interesting to watch Anna's fashion obsession develop. From the time she could sit up in the shopping cart as a little baby we had to start avoiding the clothing department if we didn't want to have a freak out. She wanted to hold all the hangers and touch the clothes. There were times like these...
Where we couldn't get the clothes hanger away from her for cake time. She had very favourite outfits like her blue tutu skirt or her curious george shirt. She learned to dress and undress herself by 2 and her current obsession is wearing multiple outfits a day. At daycare she spends the days in various princess dresses from the dress up box. She also loves to "organize" her clothes. Just like her mama, she is.
And don't leave your shoes around, because chances are she'll unlace them or parade around the house in them.
And while at times her obsession is frustrating. I love seeing her be so passionate about something. I can officially call her potty trained and it all happened in the span of a week! We had been encouraging potty use but not pushing it and up until 2 weeks ago she was still wearing a pull-up for pees and poops were on the toilet. I thought pee training wouldn't happen for a long time. One day at daycare she stripped off her clothes (surprise surprise) and pull up and decided to take herself potty and the rest is history! She had been waking up dry from naps and bedtime for ages so a couple days after we went to undies during the day, we ditched pull-ups at night too. A month shy of 2 1/2 makes her our earliest potty trainer! As far as language goes, we can pretty much understand everything she says and she's talking in longer sentences now. She's far from being ready for a day time talk show interview, but she's having big language leaps.