Monday, July 16, 2012


Anna is 27 months now. She is in a big girl bed which went very smoothly. For the first few weeks she waited in bed for us to get her in the morning. Now she'll get up on the weekends and tell us "Get up, Mommy. Get up, Dada. Come on!" She doesn't want to wait for breakfast! Her language is growing a lot, but we can't always understand what she's trying to say, which leads to frustration. She still uses signs like "please, more (her favourite), apple, milk, cereal, cracker". I have to admit I've gotten slack with signing. We should start watching the videos again and see what new ones she might pick up. Teething is nearly done, thank goodness! Only about 1/3 of a molar left to emerge. On the weekend we saw Sesame Street Live. It was the first time I've attended an event like this and it was a lot of fun.
We've been navigating rough waters around here lately, but little one is as wonderful as always. Ah, to have the innocence of youth. I can get lost in her joy.

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