Sunday, July 29, 2012

I love 2 yr olds

There's so many things that I'm loving about this age. Anna's speech cracks me up. She can't really say S words so she substitutes S with H. Sister is Hister, Soup is Houp. When we ask her a question which would need a yes or no answer, she says "Kay!". Instead of answering Yes. When we call her name she says "Huh?" 3 syllable words are the most interesting. Popsicle is pop-pop-popicle. Watermelon is Matermelon. She excuses everyone and herself for every burp, sneeze and toot. 'Scuse me or Bess me. Today we heard "Yay, you did it!" or "Yay, I did it!" all day long. She's big into praise. Of course, she adheres to the toddler rule of Everything Is Mine, including other people's body parts. I taught her where her Elbow was yesterday and she was obsessed with Elbows the rest of the day. Her fears are developing. She loves and wants to watch Coraline but now gets afraid of the Mom. She also freaks out, shaking and screaming when Max's red lobster is in an episode of Max and Ruby, her favourite cartoon. Imaginary play is coming out in full force. Last night she insisted on putting her babies to bed instead of going to bed herself. She is such a bedtime staller, asking for Maaber (water), Milk, Eeeeeat!, Huh (hugs), Mwah (kisses) and the routine isn't complete without Hongs (songs) from Mommy. She is certainly little miss independent who picks out her own clothes, dresses herself, doesn't want her hair washed or combed. I wish I could bottle this age forever.

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