Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Countdown

And so begins the last month of Anna being 1.

The little girl is now pushing chairs and moving stools all around the house to do as the big people do. This can be quite frustrating in our small kitchen, but I stop and remember (and remind others) that this is how she learns and we need a lot of extra patience to deal with this little girl who is learning how to be a big girl. Of course this also means that nothing is safe, even put up "out of her reach". Spilled water, stolen treats and running after a toddler holding a precious electronic device, are becoming the norm around here.

In just this past week alone, while spending time at home all day with 2 of her big siblings (another is still in school and yet another stayed with his mom this week), her language decided to take a huge leap. She is repeating almost everything and 2 word combos are more and more frequent. It's so incredible to hear her communicating better and if I can't understand what she's saying she'll sign. For example, her More and Milk sound very similar so if I'm asking her "More?" she'll simply sign "Milk" to let me know what she is trying to say.

Something else we're loving is her silliness for the sake of being silly. She likes to try and dress the cat and if I remind her that Kitties don't wear shirts, she'll shake her head slowly and say "nooooo".

Something we're not loving is the arrival of tantrums. Boy oh boy does she resist naps, but I still try, especially when she starts having epic, screaming meltdowns after lunch.

Her almost 2 year old stats are 25 lbs and 32 inches tall.