Monday, January 16, 2012

More and more words

Don't let the photo fool you. She still won't tolerate hair accessories for anymore than a few minutes at a time.

Anna's vocabulary is growing by a few new words each week, it seems. Newest words include Molch (milk), Daddy, Uh Uh (up), Night-night, lololo (lego), Bees (grapes), nana (banana and Anna), lello (yellow). No 2 word combos other than Night-night and bye-bye yet. Newest signs are cracker and dirty. I only clued in tonight that she's been signing dirty when I thought it was a modified "napkin".

She's really getting into imagination play and likes to cook, tuck her toys in, dress up, feed her toys. She especially loves to dance and spin in circles until she falls down.

I feel lucky that she's not much of a daredevil yet and she's only recently learned how to move the stool around the house and climb up to reach things. With this also comes the fun new game "night-night" with the bathroom light switch. She opens up the door, carries the stool in and turns the light off and on, while saying Night-night, all excited.

Undressing has been happening for a while. I don't know what it is about girls and fashion! She's very particular about her fashion choices and has just started to learn how to pull pants on. She mastered shirts a while ago.

Oh how I wish I had her energy. She loves to run back and forth and round and round and never seems to tire!