Monday, December 12, 2011

20 months old

So this weekend Anna turned 20 months old and in that, became my longest nurser AND nursed for the last time.

Not a decision I came by lightly, but after months of pain from nursing, I decided it was time to wean. We had already been down to just nursing before bed if I was doing bedtime. During her recent stomach bug, I was grateful to be able to nurse her still, but I paid all evening with shooting pains. The medication I took for the nursing induced Reynauds symptoms made me feel awful.

On the weekend I shortened our nursing. Last night I went for a drive while daddy put her to bed. Tonight we had cuddles and songs on the couch and I told her "Num Nums were all gone", before daddy took her to bed. I'll miss her excitement to nurse, but I can't say I'll miss the little fingers pinching me and tantrums when I say 'all done'.

So onto more exciting news...

Anna is saying more and more words now. It's so exciting to get a new word almost daily! She's especially fond of the B words. I'm sure I'm missing some, but here are the ones she says consistently...
Hi, Mama, Dada, Juice, eat, duck, bubbles, elmo, bath, baby, banana, boots, hot, "ho ho ho", as well as her versions of her siblings names.

The signing time series are a huge hit and while she was home sick, they were on constant replay. She'll bring the remote (or grab my laptop even) and sign "Baby". I'd love to be able to buy them, but they're very pricey, so we sign them out from the library. She now signs...
More, eat, Milk, Cat, Baby, again, please, thank-you, hat, napkin, all done.

She's very particular about her clothing and I need to offer her choices now. Her appetite is very good, although, she's picky about meat and veggies. She will not eat chicken and the only veggies she'll eat are raw red pepper and cucumber. Still, I offer though and put everything we're eating on her plate.

I love, love, love this age, irrational tantrums and all!