Monday, June 13, 2011

My firstborns

This past weekend we celebrated my son turning 11. 11? How is that possible already? I'm really starting to see a shift from little boy to teenager. But, I'm also happy to see him hold on to being young at heart. He has a playful soul, but is a sensitive one. He and I got to go to see X Men: First Class together. It was nice having one on one time without his sisters.

The next morning I took my oldest girl out for breakfast for our own little solo date. She's always been an old soul and is more like me than I like to admit, some days. She's serious and mature, but sly and a silly trickster who delights in tormenting her next younger brother.

My joys.

Getting closer to being a toddler!

Over this past weekend Anna increased her steps. She's up to 6 in a row now! She still won't stand up and walk on her own free will, but will stand on her own then walk with encouragement. It feels strange to look over and see her just standing there, not holding onto anything.

Even without walking, Anna has had 2 owies in 2 weeks. Last week she dove off the couch face first and got a goose egg and today she fell, using her walker and cut her upper lip frenulum.

Another neat development is more head shaking and bringing us books to read to her. She also didn't nap 3 days in a row (and went to bed easy), but lalalalalaala I refuse to acknowledge that this is a new trend. Hopefully it's just this recent cold and chest congestion that causing this.

She is still a super snuggly, fairly easygoing baby who loves attention from her siblings. She'll even shun mama and dada in favour of them.

For some reason the sound is muted on this video, but you get to see her most steps yet.