Friday, May 27, 2011

Developmental leaps and bounds.

Since turning 13 months Anna has been having big leaps in development.

In addition to mama and dada, she now says Hi and Bye as well as does an open and close hand wave. She also claps consistently and raises her arms in the air when we say "yay".

On may 25 she took her first 2 steps towards me. Since this past weekend she also gotten up from the floor and stood 3 times.

She rarely wakes more than once a night and often sleeps through until 5:30. Has a 2 hr afternoon nap most days.

She vrooms her cars around on the floor, making the noise. Her favourite activity is probably moving items from one location to another. Imagine how much more fun this will be for her once she can walk and carry things. I am finding bath toys in random drawers and plastic bowls in the pot drawer as well as treasures stashed on the windowsill behind the couch.

When the Phone rings she says "dada" since she's spoken to daddy on the phone a few times.

I love this age! Oh and did I mention she's a total snuggler now too! Love it.

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