Friday, May 27, 2011

Developmental leaps and bounds.

Since turning 13 months Anna has been having big leaps in development.

In addition to mama and dada, she now says Hi and Bye as well as does an open and close hand wave. She also claps consistently and raises her arms in the air when we say "yay".

On may 25 she took her first 2 steps towards me. Since this past weekend she also gotten up from the floor and stood 3 times.

She rarely wakes more than once a night and often sleeps through until 5:30. Has a 2 hr afternoon nap most days.

She vrooms her cars around on the floor, making the noise. Her favourite activity is probably moving items from one location to another. Imagine how much more fun this will be for her once she can walk and carry things. I am finding bath toys in random drawers and plastic bowls in the pot drawer as well as treasures stashed on the windowsill behind the couch.

When the Phone rings she says "dada" since she's spoken to daddy on the phone a few times.

I love this age! Oh and did I mention she's a total snuggler now too! Love it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anna turns 1

Anna turns 1 by sew_crafty_girl75
Anna turns 1, a photo by sew_crafty_girl75 on Flickr.

The 2nd year

Well, I didn't make it back here to post about Anna's birthday and now she's 13 months old! It was a fun, tiring weekend as we celebrated her birthday twice. Once with adult friends and family, then with our baby and mommy friends.

Her ducky cake was awesome. The cupcakes for the baby party were fun too. We just discovered the ease of icing cupcakes with a large decorator tip and I'll never use a knife again! Anna dove right in to her cupcake after delicately sampling her ducky cake at the first party.

The highlight of the parties was Anna's new friend, Clothes Hanger. She would not let go of it once she opened gifts of clothes. I can't even take her into a clothing store now without her going nuts for the hangers. Weird kid.

We're not walking yet or even standing alone very much, but I know we'll get there. She loves going up the stairs, so we've got gates up now. Next task will be baby proofing any cupboards and drawers. The low ones are fairly safe, but once she's standing independently there will be things I won't want her getting into.

Teeth count is at 7. Only one more to go before molars. Weight was nearly 19 pounds at her 1 yr appt.

She has a great appetite and likes milk as well. Any spit ups that yogurt gave her around 9 months have been gone since about 11 months.

Sleep is pretty good. Bed around 8:30-9 and most nights she sleeps through until 5:30 which would suck if I weren't already waking up to drive Daddy to the train anyways. A 2 hr nap around lunch to 2.

Well, time to wrap up and head to Strong Start with Anna. It's a great free program, similar to preschool. It's sure interesting seeing Anna interact with kids now that she's getting older. She's a bit aggressive, this one. I hope it won't stay this way!