Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the eve before the last first birthday....

These milestones are bittersweet with the last baby in the family.

While I love experiencing all these new "firsts" again, I'm also checking off a list of "lasts".

Never again will I carry a baby in my womb again. Nor will I hear those first cries, see that first smile, tickle that first laugh or antcipate those first steps.

Ah, but I have a lifetime with my lastborn to look forward to. But I can wait. No rushing, my sweet Anna.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This time last year

I was 38 weeks pregnant and getting pretty antsy to give birth, as it was the OH MY GOSH, the LONGEST I had ever been pregnant and couldn't believe it. I had been off work a couple weeks and just laying around, waiting to pop. My plug had come out a few days prior which got my hopes up that labour was iminment, but no, it would still be 9 more days before Anna made her appearance. Every day/night I would slip on my Crocs and haul my aching body out for a walk around the neighbourhood and diligently drink my Red Raspberry Leaf tea with some pineapple and Evening Primrose capsules thrown in for good measure.

My, how far we have come...

I have to laugh just a little when she does this as I know I won't find it quite so funny soon.