Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mischief Maker

Exploring by sew_crafty_girl75
Exploring a photo by sew_crafty_girl75 on Flickr.
Anna is getting more and more aware of the world around here and discovering that there are hidden areas that have enticing treasures. She's found all the low drawers that are accesible to her. We've had pinched fingers a few times. I love to watch her take things out and put things in and open and close the drawers. So far there is only the 2 drawers in this picture that are forbidden areas. One has all our candles and candle holders, the other has our good silver and carving knives. God help us once she can figure out how to open cabinets. See the Val d'Or china in that cupboard?

While she's not climbing yet, she whines to get up on the couch then proceeds to lunge towards all contraban (remotes, cell phones), climb up the back to the blinds and do atomic bum drops onto whoever she's sitting with. Sharing the couch with her certainly isn't a relaxing time.

We're on the tail end of her having her first major illness. At the beginning of the week the mild congestion she's had for weeks turned into fever, bad congestions and cough. The fever stuck around for 3 days and the doctor determined it was most likely viral. With all the germs flying around, most of us managed to get sick as well.

Tooth 5 keeps going up and down. I think it may fave finally broken through for good.

For the most part, Anna is happiest sticking close to one of us, so her exploring isn't too exhausting yet. My scrap room has quite a bit of stuff for her to get into.

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