Friday, February 11, 2011


Sleep. It's a common theme among my mommy friends right now. Our babies are getting older. Shouldn't they be sleeping in their own crib? Putting themselves to sleep? Napping once or twice a day? Ay yi yi.

I can tell you that I'm getting tired of being Anna's sleep aid. Sure, in the early days it was SO EASY to just pop her onto the boob and off to dreamland she went. Now it's frustrating to wrestle with her as she pops on and off and on and off before she decides she's ready to settle down and sleep. Only mommy can put her to bed. Only mommy will do in the middle of the night. I fantasize about the time in the future when daddy puts her to bed.

We don't have a long, drawn out bedtime routine. We go upstairs around 8. Turn down the lights, get into jammies and snuggle in the chair and nurse. Only, she usually isn't ready to settle down and wants to get down and play for a bit, then comes back to me for 'num nums' and goes to sleep fairly fast. I've tried stories in the past, but she's pretty grabby and impatient with that still so I'll try again when she's older. I lay her down in the crib and lately she's asleep for 3-5 hours.

It's after this first waking that I'm trying to go to her room, nurse her back to sleep and put her back into the crib. This is what she often fights. She springs back awake as soon as I lay her down. I've tried quite a few times out of exhaustion and frustration to let her cry it out. Last night, after her first waking at 1:30, she did this. I let her cry and fuss, going back in every few minutes, stretching out to 15 minutes, to lay her down, soothe her, nurse her once more, change a poop, and eventually, after 2 hours, she stayed laying down as I rubbed her belly, then quietly snuck out as she gave in to sleep for a few more hours.

My goal is to start breaking the nurse/sleep association in order to help her start soothing herself to sleep.

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