Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 months old!

Since we last left off, Anna got two more teeth! Teething started just as I got the flu. Fun times.

Other new skills? Pulling to stand just a bit more. Saying dah-ee.

Sleep has gotten a lot better! She's now going 5-7 hour stretches in her crib quite often. But, just as we think it's going good, she reverts and won't go to sleep in her crib. The improvement is promising though. I look forward to when she can self-soothe and doesn't always need to nurse to sleep.

Food wise, she really likes solids, nurses lots, drinks from a sippy and straw. She has been a bit picky the past few days so I'm hoping it's just from teething. Egg is one food she consistently won't eat, except for that one time she loved daddy's cheesy scrambled eggs. We do a bit of self feeding and spoon feeding and for the most part she just eats what we eat.

She's wearing 9-12 month clothing. Still under 17 pounds at last weight check.

Probably my biggest frustration right now is her newfound fear of the bath after a face plant in the water.

The time to plan her birthday is quickly approaching. I can't believe it!

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