Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recent projects

Well, it's been far too long since I've posted any sewing to live up to my sewcraftygirl moniker. It's not for lack of projects, I just forget to post them!

A few years ago, on, I came across a fabulous idea of felt baby name books. There certainly hasn't been a shortage of babies in my life, so it has become one of my go-to projects for new babies and 1 yr olds in my life., provided I have lots of advance warning, because they are time consuming! In the past few months I've made 3 with several more in the works. Here are a couple samples shots. There are several more on my flickr page, if you click the photos.



Since Anna has been born, I've made her a pair of pants (from a pattern) and a dress I traced off another dress. A tutu. 2 mooshy bunnies and several grasping balls for her and her friends.



I love being able to handcraft items for my friends and family. It's certainly trickier now that Anna is here, but it just means projects are broken up into several small tasks, over days, rather than a full day, sequestered away in my craft room.

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