Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost 9 months!

On Tuesday Anna will be out as long as she was in! I'm really enjoying how interactive she's starting to get now. She's such a goofy girl.

New things she's doing are:
- leaning in to kiss, but it's more like a suck which might eventually be a bite.
- gesturing at things. Not quite pointing, but waving her arm at things she is interested in.
- waving! although she's only done this once, with purpose.
- almost crawling the traditional way.
- happy chatter.
- recognizing her food source (mom) and seeking it out.
- scooting over to me and pulling on my pant leg when she wants up.
- occasionally says "momomom"
- trying to pull up on things and getting to her knees.

Last week I brought her to the doctor for the first time, for an illness. She was a bit warm, off her food, cranky and developed a mild, spotty rash all over her body. Since hand, foot and mouth had visited M in November, I didn't want to risk assuming the rash was nothing. The doctor figured it was benign and probably a non-specific viral rash. Since the visit she's back to herself with just a couple bouts of diarrhea.

The doctor we saw at the walk in clinic just happened to be the same doc I saw in the ER after my last miscarriage and I told her so. She shared her story of loss with me and commented how the baby that did eventually make it was an awesome girl and just right for them. I believe that to be true of Anna. God blessed me with the baby I was meant to have.

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  1. You truly are blessed with that gorgeous little girl!!