Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 months

8 months
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Anna is fairly mobile now, but not crawling. She bum scoots everywhere. I'm surprised that my very active girl is not going forward on all fours, but she'll get up for a couple seconds then collapse onto her belly. She does a lot of whining in frustration when she wants to go somewhere. Anna is constantly squirming, bouncing, kicking. It's no wonder I rarely carry her into a store in my arms. I almost always wear her, since she's such a wiggle worm.

We're still at 2 teeth since she got them 2 months ago. I'm sure I feel a third lump on the bottom gum but it's slow coming up. She loves to lean in for what appears to be a sweet kiss and take a bite out of my chin, leg or shoulder.

One of my favourite new skills of Anna's is the pincher grasp! She can easily pick up puffs and O's and feed herself now. This girl loves to eat too. There is rarely a time where she'll spit out anything she tries or let you eat something without sharing. She sits there with her mouth open, like a baby bird. She is still very much into nursing and loves her 'num nums".

Her babyhood is flying by so fast!