Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She gets around

As per The Wonder Weeks book, Anna is certainly right on target for the 26 week milestone of "The World of Relationships". We've seen some huge shifts in her personality the past week.

Signs that she's approaching this stage?

- She may sleep poorly.

Naps are few and far between unless she's in my arms and latched on, or in the car or being worn after nursing. Bedtime has generally gotten easier though. She still wakes up after a few hours in the crib, but I'm enjoying the chance to have some "me time" after she's in bed.

- She may have "nightmares".

I've gone into her room many times when I've heard her cry out, only to see her fast alseep.

- She may become shier.

We're seeing some shyness emerge and a lot of extra fussiness. Her cry is ear piercing now.

- She may demand more attention.

She smiles away at any family member, even the cats, hoping to engage someone.

- She may always want to be with you.

She realizes that she's all alone when mommy leaves the room and has a preference to be up in my arms more and more. I have to admit I'm enjoying the cuddly baby that comes with that. I think I should start wearing her around the house more. It's hard to get much done with a baby stuck to you all the time though.

- She may lose her appetite.

Solids are coming along great. We try and offer mostly squished up table food. I have a few purees on hand for when I'm lazy. There has been very little gagging, which surprises me, given her very senstive gag reflex as an infant. Come to think of it though, she lost that at about 4 months or so. So far there has been no foods she's flat out rejected. She's drinking water from a straw cup now too and still loves to nurse.

- She may be listless.

I' ve caught her just staring off into space sometimes. It's wierd to see a baby do that, even though I do it all the time!

- She may refuse to have her diaper changed.

She's super wiggly now.

- She may reach for a cuddly object more often.

I saw her snuggle with a blanket for the first time and start chewing on it, yesterday.

Other exciting developments:

She is figuring out how to coordinate her arms and legs more and more to move her body around. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts to commando crawl soon. She is happiest on her belly where she can move her arms to spin her body around and to pull the blanket closer to bring a toy into her reach.

She sits well at times but I still tend to keep her sitting up time to the carpeted rooms. Her core strength is coming along and sometimes she can lean forward to reach for a toy then bring herelf upright again.

She lunges from my arms on the couch towards the remote. She's grabbing at everything in my hands. Daddy's glasses on his face are a favorite target.

I can't say I miss the newborn stage at all. I'm loving it more and more the older she gets.

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  1. thank you for posting this! I am right there with you, too, with most of these. symphony has just started startling like crazy when there's a loud noise or even a surprising noise like a laugh - if she's not in my arms she freeeaks out (well, for her, which is still not that bad). she's getting even worse at sleeping and cries in her sleep a lot too... but there are so many exciting new developments every day, and she is such a cutie, it's all worth it. I'm with you, I'm not missing the newborn stage either. 6 month olds rock!