Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love her more everyday

Anna is now an interactive almost 5 month old who smiles, squeals and giggles. She reaches for things out of reach. She stares intently at things, studying them. She touches items, taking in the new sensations. She plays "shy" when someone smiles at her. She laughs and buries her head into my shoulder. She pulls everything into her mouth for a taste.

Still a bit difficult at naptime but we're seeing improvements at night time. Not that getting her to bed at night was difficult, but I wanted to get her sleeping in her own crib and wanted to see if she could sleep through the night. So far I'm nursing her to sleep laying in our bed then transferring her to the crib. She has a strong preference for nursing to sleep laying down when she's tired, even at nap time. I get to stay up after she goes to bed now and that's pretty cool. Even if she does wake up shortly after I've put her down, I've been getting her back to sleep with belly rubs in the crib. The sleeping through the night thing seems to be a long ways away still, but she is staying in the crib until her first wake up which seems to be about midnight.

Sitting up is coming along slowly. We practice once in a while and she's getting stronger. Some days she's rolling onto her tummy like crazy. Other days she's focusing more on noises and is content to lay on her back. Most of the 'lifesavers' of the newborn days have been put away. (The swing, bouncy seat, activity mat and lay under toys.) She alternates her play time between the floor, exersaucer and chair. We've moved up to size 3 diapers. The 4 months shots were taken well, just like the 2 month ones. She was 14 pounds, 5 ounces at her 4 1/2 month weight in and 25 inches long. This week we're even planning to move her into the next car seat (Graco My Ride 65) as the infant seat is too heavy to lug around and I have someone who could use it in December anyways. Now we just have to get the Ikea highchair to come back in stock and she'll be sitting at table level with us at mealtimes and not on the floor.

Everyday is more exciting and rewarding.

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