Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feel the burn

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Today Anna and I hiked up the hill above Jackson Farm to enjoy the beautiful view of the lower mainland. We went along with new friends Michelle and Ryan and their baby Charlotte and their dogs. It was a bit of an uphill grunt in places, but once we arrived at the clearing at the top of the hill, the view was worth it. We spread out a blanket and ate lunch then the thunder started. The dogs got nervous. We ate a bit faster. The raindrops started. Quickly packed up and headed into the woods to sit out the heavy rain as long as we could. Fed our wee ones on a fallen log with the occasional raindrop falling on us then headed back down the trail for tea and snacks back at Michelle's. Anna got to try out Charlotte's Bumbo and sat well in it happily for a while. It was a good day and now Anna is sleeping.

This was the second time Anna and I have been caught in the downpour while hiking. At least when I'm wearing her she stays fairly dry.

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