Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 months old

4 months old
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Each month is getting more fun.

Anna now laughs more spontaneously, especially for Daddy and siblings. She is testing out her voice more and more and is especially chatty in the car. She looks in her mirror on the seat headrest and "AAaahhhhs" to herself.

Her feet are her new favourite toy and when I lay her on the floor to play she's either grabbing them right away or rolling over onto her tummy. Even though she learned front to back roll first, she won't roll back to tummy to back again.

Night time sleeping is pretty good. She sleeps some decent stretches and when she does eat, she barely wakes, latches then we go back to sleep. I've been thinking of transitioning her to her crib so Daddy can get a better nights' sleep. She gets her limbs stuck in the crib rungs sometimes though, so we'll test out some nighttime crib sleeping and see how that goes.

Naps are getting better and most days she will go down for a couple 1 hour naps in her crib/carseat/swing seat that converts to rocking chair.

She is 14 pounds now. The weight gain has slowed down lot.

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