Sunday, July 18, 2010

So strong!

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In the past couple weeks Anna has gotten stronger in leaps and bounds! Last week she weighed in at 13 pounds and around 24 inches. Yesterday I had the first shirt that I couldn't get over her big ole head.

Just days before she turned 3 months she rolled from front to back and mostly from back to front (her arm gets stuck under her). She laughs but saves most of that for tickle times. One of my favorite things to do is lay her on my lap and 'feed her toes to her'. She giggles away.

No longer satisfied to sit, she thrusts her legs out and stands up. I'm going to get the exersaucer cleaned up so she can start trying short periods of time in it.

This morning her crib aquarium kept turning off and on while she played in there during my shower. I found her turned nearly 45 degrees and kicking the music button with her foot. We're getting the occasional accidental hitting of her musical toys with her hands and feet now.

I noticed today that now that she's scooting and squirming while on her back, a small bald spot has developed. I was wondering when that would come! Still has a mild case of cradle cap on her head that isn't too noticeable so I'm mostly leaving it alone.

Everyone says she looks a lot like Blake. She also has bits of Blake's son and my daughter. He was wondering out loud this morning what she'll look like when she's a big kid. It's funny how it's hard to project what they'll look like in the future, but it's easy to look back on newborn photos of the big kids and easily recognize them.

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