Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mover and shaker

Anna is getting more and more mobile. She loves floor time and is really into rolling over now. Thankfully she just does one rotation so far! Toys are starting to make their way into her hands and mouth. She getting so big *sniff*. She "talks" a little, but not all day long. Laughs mostly come with tickles. I see her as an independant, kinda reserved girl. She will smile for strangers though.

We love meeting up with our new friends. I've gotten to know 4 moms, 3 of whom have babies around Anna's age. It's a lot of fun to get together and chat while the babies interact with each other.

So, that sleep routine? Only lasted the one night. Bedtime is still all over the place, but I'm not sweating it. I do wish I could figure out the secret to getting her to nap in the crib for at least 45 min increments, but I suppose that will come. I hate having a screaming banshee on my hands every morning about 2 hours after she wakes up for the day. She just has to release before she settles down and is ready to nurse for her first nap.

I weighed her on monday and she's 13 pounds 10 ounces now. Hip ultrasound is on friday.

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