Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Wearing

I recently passed this info on to my cousin, considering her baby wearing options, so I thought I'd blog it too.

Alright, so I have the Moby, Babyhawk and Ergo. Here are my reviews on how they work for me in the 3 1/2 months I've had Anna.

Moby: Very comfy but warm. Takes a bit to get used to wrappng it. Cheapest carrier I own at $60. I love it and Anna would always fall asleep in it. A few different ways to carry baby in it. I tend to wear Anna in lotus position now that she wants to look out, unless she's tired then I face her towards me. Blake's favorite carrier is the moby, if it's cool out.

Babyhawk Mei Tai: Very easy to use. When baby is little you froggy their legs in it. Can start to hurt your back after long use. A bit pricey at around $100 (I got mine on sale). Anna has disliked this one for a while but seems to be getting a bit happier in it now that she's getting taller and can see out the side. It soft and there's no buckles to worry about. Can wear baby on back.

Ergo: Anna is getting big enough for me to feel more comfortable to put her in this. Another pricey one (about $130) but way more comfortable to use then snugli or baby bjorn. Baby cannot face out in this one though. Can wear baby on back. A lot of moms love the ergo. I never used it when she was little as I felt she seemed 'lost' in it, but you can get an 'infant insert' to make it safe for little babies. Baby is 'skin to skin' in this carrier and there is no 'pouch' that baby goes in like with traditional baby caririers.

A friend offered to let me try her maya ring sling now that Anna is happiest being worn when she can look around, but I didn't want to fall in love with another carrier when I've already spent enough. I used a ring sling a bit with the other kids and while I loved it for hands free nursing, it gets hard on your shoulder.

I'm in love with wearing her and feel a bit sad that she's liking the stroller more and more now that she's more aware of the world around her. I hope to try some back carries once she's a bit bigger.

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