Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 months 3 wks

2 months 3 wks
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I can't believe that Anna will be 3 months old on the 11th. Time flies!

I'm still trying to figure a lot of her out, read her cues. She's got this whiny tired cry now that's pretty cute. But when she's cranky and tired, she fights sleep and will not nurse until she decides she's ready to. It's so frustrating.

Cooing and smiling are a regular part of her day now. When happy and content, she'll hang out on her play mat or in her crib, watching her mobile, for ages.

Fist chewing and drooling are her favorite activities, as well as staring at her toes. She gets up onto her side so maybe rolling will be her next big skill.

You know how people often say that the baby just felt like they were always part of their family? I haven't reached that point yet. Maybe it's because of the 10 year age gap since my last child and I've grown accustomed to not having a little one dependent on me all the time. I look at her sometimes and STILL can't believe I'm a mom to a beautiful little baby again.

The kids are super helpful with her and love their little sister. I wonder how the tide will turn once she's getting into their stuff!

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