Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 Months Old

Anna 2 months
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At our final midwife visit Anna was 8wks old and weighed 11 pounds 7 oz.

She is morphing from the floppy newborn who just cries, poops, sleeps and eats to a less floppy 2 month old who follows us with her eyes, turns when she hears our voice and smiles at us. She likes to lay on her play mat and kick her legs and wave her arms.

I added to my baby wearing collection on the weekend and scored a new Babyhawk Mei Tai on sale for 40% off!

It still feels like she is a non-stop eating machine but that's ok. It makes me stop, relax and enjoy her.

I'm feeling great and usually just get tired by dinner time. I'm even 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight now and look forward to getting a pair of zip up pants! That shopping trip will have to wait until hubby is available and can help with baby. I tried it alone and failed.

Naps aren't coming as easily now and she gets really cranky when she's tired and needs help to fall asleep. That's why I love car rides. It's a no-effort nap inducer!

I feel so busy now that I'm home with baby, but it does make the day go faster when we have errands to run. Our town has lots of mommy/baby activities to particpate in.

On the weekend we went on a short trip to see my big girl dance. I was so proud to see her up on stage. My boy and I watched with baby, who was thankfully very good through the performance.

This weekend we celebrate my boy's 10th birthday with golf and icecream cake!

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