Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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I'm finally forcing myself to sit down and post while Anna naps, instead of doing housework.

At 5wks she weighed in at 10lbs 1 oz and had a 600gram weight gain since her weigh in 2wks previous. NB and 0-3 month stuff has been outgrown.

The evening crankies are a usual event that the kids have grown used to. The crying!! It usually starts around 7:30 and lasts an hour or so. I usually relent and take her up to bed to nurse for about an hour or so before she's ready to go to sleep. She sleeps in between hubby and I and while it's nice to do when she's nursing a lot during the night still, I do look forward to having our bed back eventually.

We've been getting occasional smiles for a couple weeks now and look forward to those first laughs.

The dry flakey skin has moved up from her feet to the head now. It's mostly on her eyebrows and ears now. The acne is on her head, neck and chest too.

Nursing is good, even though I have pain in between sessions. The midwife suspects Raynauds and there's not a lot I can do for it, according to the reading I've been doing. Going to try and take my cal mag again and see if that makes a difference.

Now that she's getting more alert during the day, she demands an audience which involves me moving her from my lap, to swing, to playmat to keep her interested and entertained. I tend to not wear her around the house much as I find it keeps me from being able to do much before I get too hot and she wakes up anyways if I'm not moving.

We prefer to bath her in the big tub or shower, over the baby tub.

The kids still enjoy helping out with her and the girls are getting bolder about picking her up if she starts crying. Sometimes I have to say no to them holding her especially if I'm trying to get her to nap.

Overall she's still a pretty easygoing baby.