Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taking stock

Today we finished the last couple of projects in the nursery I really wanted to get done. Curtains may or may not get done but I'm not worried as none of the other rooms in our house have curtains, just blinds! We also got the carseat base installed in the van.

I popped into the birth store to see if she'd have what I need in stock and while I was there I got my Peri bottles and a baby book. Next w/e is when I'll make sure I have the last of the birth supplies ready since I will have 'met the magic number' for homebirth eligibility.

The group b strep swab has been dropped off at the lab.

Right now the last load of baby clothes we have are in the wash, then once again, I'll sort, fold and obsess about whether or not we have enough outfits :)

To get :
- Arnica tablets
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- More towels
- 2nd set of sheets for bed
- plastic sheeting
- some big thick postpartum pads to soak with witch hazel and freeze.
- Chux pads
- baby tub
- diaper pail
- frozen meals from M&M
- gatorade
- popsicles

I really have to find my homebirth supply list which is hiding around here somewhere.

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