Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What am I still doing pregnant?

Given my past history of 36 and 37 week births, I can't believe I'm sitting here, on week 2 of my mat leave and 38 weeks pregnant! Maybe I should've stayed at work and tempted fate.

So, in exciting 3rd trimester news, I lost my mucous plug last thursday...and saturday and sunday! I got all excited on Thursday because with W, I went into labour the next day. But, alas, that was not to be the case this time.

The birth supplies have been sitting and waiting to be used, this past week.

I'm finding random nesting duties to take care of, like oooh, the inside of the cabinet doors are dusty, must clean! Other days I just laze around and enjoy the perks of, well, being 9 months pregnant and allowed to laze around!

I'm pretty sure baby dropped yesterday as my peeing sure feels different and I can feel her moving down in my pelvis a lot more. In fact, I was having intermittent back pain all night so we thought I might be starting labour. Nope.

So here I wait, chugging back the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and today I started 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil orally. I'm hesitant to um..insert it because of reports that it can cause rupture of membranes and I definately don't want that to happen until I'm in active labour.

Only 3 weeks, give or take until I for sure have a baby in my arms!

Monday, March 22, 2010


So here I am at a place I don't recall ever reaching with my other children...I'm sick of being pregnant.

I've developed hemmroids which make it impossible to sleep more than 1/2 hour at a time. Tonight the braxton hicks are hurting, as is my lower back, so either I'm having early labour or have started a new late pregnancy symptom of mildly annoying, irregular contractions.

I'm nauseous but hungry. Tired but insomniac. Wanting to meet this baby, but terrified at the same time.

Stick a fork in me cause I'm done.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taking stock

Today we finished the last couple of projects in the nursery I really wanted to get done. Curtains may or may not get done but I'm not worried as none of the other rooms in our house have curtains, just blinds! We also got the carseat base installed in the van.

I popped into the birth store to see if she'd have what I need in stock and while I was there I got my Peri bottles and a baby book. Next w/e is when I'll make sure I have the last of the birth supplies ready since I will have 'met the magic number' for homebirth eligibility.

The group b strep swab has been dropped off at the lab.

Right now the last load of baby clothes we have are in the wash, then once again, I'll sort, fold and obsess about whether or not we have enough outfits :)

To get :
- Arnica tablets
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- More towels
- 2nd set of sheets for bed
- plastic sheeting
- some big thick postpartum pads to soak with witch hazel and freeze.
- Chux pads
- baby tub
- diaper pail
- frozen meals from M&M
- gatorade
- popsicles

I really have to find my homebirth supply list which is hiding around here somewhere.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We're a little more ready for baby after my 2 showers last week. I had lovely showers from work and my friends/family. It was touching to see all the effort the party planners put into the events.

My sister finished crocheting a lovely blanket for baby during Sunday's shower then did henna on my belly. I love how my belly is a work of art now! We got the disc with the beautiful pictures my cousin took of hubby and I. Now we need to decide which ones we'll enlarge and frame!

I'm 34 weeks now and the sensation of pressure and baby moving her head around on my cervix is occasionally replaced by an ouchie, stabby, pinching sensation down there. I guess things might be softening up and preparing! I know I'm paying way more attention to things this time as my previous babies' labours took me by surprise at 36 and 37 weeks. One funny thing I've noticed is that she seems to get the hiccups every night around 5pm now.

My hip went out yesterday and the Chiropracter worked a miracle on me. She said my pelvis is very loose. I'm not enjoying having to wake up every 2 hours to pee at night. It's not fair to have to 'practice' before baby gets here!

Looking forward to spending next week at home, relaxing with my kiddos, then I'm back to work for 5 more days before I'm on mat leave!