Saturday, February 20, 2010


Why am I thankful that I'm planning a homebirth and am under the care of midwives?

This was the doctor that I had to see with my last miscarriage. The one who gave me Cytotec then sent me home to hemmorage on the toilet for 2 hours. The one who saw me come back to the emergency after this then send me back home, only to return the next day for a D&C (which he performed) and a blood transfusion.

Thank goodness this is not the OB that my midwives work with, when necessary. No, that OB is wonderful.

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  1. That blows my mind. Seriously. I couldn't imagine.

    I'm planning a hospital birth, only because the midwives here wouldn't take me on for being "high-risk" but even then, we hired a doula and my Dr. isn't pro cut & gut... Thank GOD! But even still, I can't imagine.

    Hoping you get the nice beautiful home birth you deserve mama!