Monday, February 1, 2010


So, now that it's February I could be having a baby as early as next month as I'm term on March 24. I'm really hoping she'll stay in until April!! My mat leave starts on March 19 and some downtime would be nice.

Will my baby be an Aries or Taurus? She'll be born in the year of the Tiger like her oldest sister. If she comes in April, diamond will be her birthstone. My boy is still insisting that 'she' could be a 'he'.

I'm enjoying playing 'poke the baby' now because she likes to stick out a foot? and if I poke it she'll often retreat, then poke back :) I could watch my belly move and ripple all day. One of the wierdeset feelings is when she starts moving as I'm walking around.

Nearly 30 wks now and I'm feeling like I have the hips and knees of an 80 yr old woman. My mind (sometimes) says go,go,go but my body says no,no,no.

In a couple weeks we should be able to start painting the baby's nursery! There have been a number of renos and rearranging in our house that had to happen in order to get a room free for baby.

Shirts are starting to get too small again. Just short enough so I can see the belly panel in my pants now. Hard to believe I've gone through 3 clothing sizes this pregnancy *sigh*.

My work baby shower is this month and I'm pretty excited about that. I have a Babies R Us and TJs the Kiddies Store registry done up and am slowly accumulating outfits and baby gear.

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