Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Closing in

Had my 33wk midwife appt today.

While I sometimes have glucose showing on my urine strips at the Peri's office, I never do at the midwives. Yay!

We talked about the newborn screening tests and she gave me all the forms to accept or decline the different procedures. It was nice to have each test explained for the first time. At this point I'm thinking I'll just do the Vit K injection and PKU screening and skip the Eye Drops. Also, if I test positive for group b strep, I'll most likely decline the antibiotics, unless other risk factors present. We'll see after I talk it over with hubby.

I was reassured that if I do end up in hospital and they need an OB consult, that they tend to use the 2 'good' ones and not the one who's had negative press lately and saw me for my last miscarriage.

Baby was super active and had the hiccups, so the midwife had to measure the heartrate with the doppler for several minutes before she calmed down enough to get a 'normal' baseline of 156 instead of the 180 it was getting up to.

My blood pressure is getting up to more of a normal range now, which feels better. My fundal height was measuring a bit ahead.

I said I was nervous about going early, but she said even if I'm 36+ weeks, they can fudge the numbers a bit.

Tomorrow is my Baby lunch at work and I'm looking forward to some good food and dessert!

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