Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Closing in

Had my 33wk midwife appt today.

While I sometimes have glucose showing on my urine strips at the Peri's office, I never do at the midwives. Yay!

We talked about the newborn screening tests and she gave me all the forms to accept or decline the different procedures. It was nice to have each test explained for the first time. At this point I'm thinking I'll just do the Vit K injection and PKU screening and skip the Eye Drops. Also, if I test positive for group b strep, I'll most likely decline the antibiotics, unless other risk factors present. We'll see after I talk it over with hubby.

I was reassured that if I do end up in hospital and they need an OB consult, that they tend to use the 2 'good' ones and not the one who's had negative press lately and saw me for my last miscarriage.

Baby was super active and had the hiccups, so the midwife had to measure the heartrate with the doppler for several minutes before she calmed down enough to get a 'normal' baseline of 156 instead of the 180 it was getting up to.

My blood pressure is getting up to more of a normal range now, which feels better. My fundal height was measuring a bit ahead.

I said I was nervous about going early, but she said even if I'm 36+ weeks, they can fudge the numbers a bit.

Tomorrow is my Baby lunch at work and I'm looking forward to some good food and dessert!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I've graduated!

From the high risk ob, that is. My Peri sees no more reason for me to keep seeing him so I'm discharged to just my midwives from here on in!

I'm 33wks on Wednesday. That's only a month away from being full-term! I'm not 'throwing in the towel' quite yet, although I do have many evenings and weekends where I can barely move. The pelvic pain and pressure are increasing.

Baby's room is all painted and ready to decorate. Crib is set up and now it's just up to me to get inspired and start crafting some more.

On Sunday we did a photo shoot with my cousin. Some beautiful pics to remember this special time in our lives. I can't wait until baby is here and we can have photos taken again with all 7 family members! It's been a while since we've had some nice pictures taken of all of us together.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Why am I thankful that I'm planning a homebirth and am under the care of midwives?

This was the doctor that I had to see with my last miscarriage. The one who gave me Cytotec then sent me home to hemmorage on the toilet for 2 hours. The one who saw me come back to the emergency after this then send me back home, only to return the next day for a D&C (which he performed) and a blood transfusion.

Thank goodness this is not the OB that my midwives work with, when necessary. No, that OB is wonderful.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Never want to forget

Having this baby growing in me makes it that much easier to approach the 3rd anniversary of that first baby we lost together. It makes me able to reclaim Valentines Day.

When I'm overwhelmed with life and start to feel cranky and pissy, all I have to do is place a hand on my belly. Feeling her kick, stretch and twitch in my belly makes me smile everytime. I want to bottle this feeling and never forget it.

Baby Girl is so active now that I switched from noting her 'active times' to hardly knowing when she isn't active. Thankfully (for the time being at least) her painful jabs to my cervix have been replaced by her head rolling around on it. That's a wierd feeling! Feet stretch out and retreat when I touch them. It's a odd thing to feel actual body parts making those movements in there. Sometimes I can feel her hard back on one side of my belly. When I lay on my side at bedtime, she really has a chance to stretch out her feet and really go to town.

I daydream about whether she'll be light blond like my babies or darker haired like hubby's babies. Will she be tall or short? Shy or outgoing? What colour of eyes will hers develop into?

10 short weeks is all I may have left with her all to myself. Then I have to share her with the world. Then I get to see her brothers and sisters delight in her. I get to see her proud Daddy's eyes gleam at this new life we've created. I get to gaze down at her sweet face as she nurses.

Monday, February 1, 2010


So, now that it's February I could be having a baby as early as next month as I'm term on March 24. I'm really hoping she'll stay in until April!! My mat leave starts on March 19 and some downtime would be nice.

Will my baby be an Aries or Taurus? She'll be born in the year of the Tiger like her oldest sister. If she comes in April, diamond will be her birthstone. My boy is still insisting that 'she' could be a 'he'.

I'm enjoying playing 'poke the baby' now because she likes to stick out a foot? and if I poke it she'll often retreat, then poke back :) I could watch my belly move and ripple all day. One of the wierdeset feelings is when she starts moving as I'm walking around.

Nearly 30 wks now and I'm feeling like I have the hips and knees of an 80 yr old woman. My mind (sometimes) says go,go,go but my body says no,no,no.

In a couple weeks we should be able to start painting the baby's nursery! There have been a number of renos and rearranging in our house that had to happen in order to get a room free for baby.

Shirts are starting to get too small again. Just short enough so I can see the belly panel in my pants now. Hard to believe I've gone through 3 clothing sizes this pregnancy *sigh*.

My work baby shower is this month and I'm pretty excited about that. I have a Babies R Us and TJs the Kiddies Store registry done up and am slowly accumulating outfits and baby gear.