Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ultrasound #4

Went in for an ultrasound yesterday. My Perinatologist wanted to check the uterine/placenta bloodflow and make sure baby's growth was on target.

Well, she was breech and facing away from us, so while they did get all the measurements they needed, we didn't get a face shot or a double check of the sex. At least now I can confirm that when I'm feeling the shots to the cervix, that it's the feetsies that are pounding it. Even though I can't figure out when she has turned, I know she still is turning in there because I'll have a few days of cervix pounding, then it will switch to my preferred upper belly jabs. Even the Peri wasn't worried yet.

Blood flow was great. We could even see the coiled umbilical cord and where it inserts into her belly. She had a tummy full of amniotic fluid and my fluid levels are good. All measurements are consistent with 26wks and weight is estimated at 2.2lbs. It's very cool to be able to see your baby's internal organs like the chambers of the heart pumping blood.

The tech and I could feel her kicking back as she scanned my lower belly.

I didn't get pics, but we didn't really get any profile shots anyways.

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  1. I can't stress to myself enough how scared I am of having a breech baby and getting a csetion. I'm terrified of it.