Monday, January 18, 2010

Sliding into 3rd

I can't believe that Wednesday will be the 3rd trimester already! Seems like just the other day I was hoping and wishing for that baby belly and those first tiny movements. Now I'm contemplating whether or not standing on my head might convince JB to stop pounding on my cervix. She's still flipping up and down.

On the weekend I took step-girl out shopping at Babies R Us because I saw they had the carseat and bouncy seat on sale. We grabbed the Graco Snugride in "Metropolitan" and the Sunny Smiles bouncer seat. We then visited the local baby boutique and got a cute white knit cardigan and a craft book to help kick my butt into baby crafting mode! I also got some paper at the scrapbooking store that will coordinate with the nursery decor.

Sunday was my weekly weepy day and I holed up on my craft room and got to work on baby's blanket. My sewing maching decided to throw a hissy so now I'm left trying to figure out the best was to get the quilt binding on the edges. I will not be defeated!! I also embroidered a hummingbird on a onesie, tie-dyed 3 and still plan on appliquing the remaining 2 I have so far. I will post pics of the projects I've done soon.

The 3rd trimester so far means:
- having to sit spead eagle
- giving up on picking up stuff on the floor
- grabbing onto things in order to roll out of bed or sit up
- back pain by the end of the day

Only 8wks of work left. Holy smokes!

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