Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby gear

I'm not finding shopping for baby gear to be much fun. It's overwhelming.

I just about pooped myself when I saw the prices of infant carseats. I'd say pee, but what pregnant lady ISN'T already peeing herself a little? Way more expensive then 11 years ago when I last bought one.

Part of me wants the lovely, boutiquey stuff this time around. The other part thinks it's ridiculous to spend gobs of money on certain items.

I just wish there was one store where we liked everything they carried and liked the prices. We just weren't getting that feeling at Babies R' Us and A Baby's World.

At least we left BRU with a crib mattress, mattress pad and a sheet. Picking out that was a feat in itself too!

1 comment:

  1. I'd say go with what you can afford, and what you want at the same time.

    Spending money on baby stuff blows my mind. Seriously. I just bought the best of what we could afford. I didn't want to buy a convertible car seat right away because our only have a 2 door car, and it's not easy getting in and out with kids. But since you have a bigger car, buying a different seat might be an idea? Or just go with a infant seat and a snap and go? Who knows.

    I'm just glad that ours are so close in age, that I kept everything.