Thursday, January 21, 2010

28wk midwife visit

Had an excellent midwife visit tonight. The only downside is that some political stuff has happened recently and the practice split in half. One of my midwives retired and a new 3rd will be joining the practice soon.

We started having some more in-depth discussions about the birth and at what point we can say "homebirth" for sure. She thinks my Peri will still want another scan to check for growth but everything so far is looking good. Like she said though, things can change right up until labour! I don't need to start gathering home birth supplies until 37wks, since they can't deliver me at home before that. Really, the main thing I need that I don't normally have on hand are chux pads and a plastic sheet for the bed. We talked about labouring/birthing in a tub and the pros/cons of renting a birth tub....which I don't think we'll bother with. I think we'll try and use our own bathtub.

Baby was head down today with her back on my left side. HR was 150BPM which it has consistently been this whole time. My BP was 112/50. Low eh? Weight is up 27lbs and my fundal height is measuring 32. See, I KNEW I had a major growth spurt recently because I've been measuring exactly on before this point.

The coolest news of all? If baby turns breech it's not an automatic c-section!!! Especially since I have a 'proven pelvis'. My old local OB will do vaginal breech births! She assured me not to worry about breech until 34 weeks though.

One thing that does suck though....if I end up testing positive for group b strep, they have to administer the first dose of antibiotics in the hospital and sometimes planned homebirths don't make it back home in time to deliver.

It was an all in all, reassuring appt that answered a lot of my questions. Blake got to meet a midwife he hadn't met yet and have his questions answered too.

I love how laid back and reassuring the midwives are.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sliding into 3rd

I can't believe that Wednesday will be the 3rd trimester already! Seems like just the other day I was hoping and wishing for that baby belly and those first tiny movements. Now I'm contemplating whether or not standing on my head might convince JB to stop pounding on my cervix. She's still flipping up and down.

On the weekend I took step-girl out shopping at Babies R Us because I saw they had the carseat and bouncy seat on sale. We grabbed the Graco Snugride in "Metropolitan" and the Sunny Smiles bouncer seat. We then visited the local baby boutique and got a cute white knit cardigan and a craft book to help kick my butt into baby crafting mode! I also got some paper at the scrapbooking store that will coordinate with the nursery decor.

Sunday was my weekly weepy day and I holed up on my craft room and got to work on baby's blanket. My sewing maching decided to throw a hissy so now I'm left trying to figure out the best was to get the quilt binding on the edges. I will not be defeated!! I also embroidered a hummingbird on a onesie, tie-dyed 3 and still plan on appliquing the remaining 2 I have so far. I will post pics of the projects I've done soon.

The 3rd trimester so far means:
- having to sit spead eagle
- giving up on picking up stuff on the floor
- grabbing onto things in order to roll out of bed or sit up
- back pain by the end of the day

Only 8wks of work left. Holy smokes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

The elephant in the room

The conversation I've been dreading came up with my Perinatologist today. "Where are you planning on giving birth?"

I had my first bit of pregnancy input from him that I didn't appreciate. He's got the typical OB attitude towards homebirth and the safety of it. I can't wait to see my midwife next week for some positive feedback.

My intention is not to put my baby at harm. If I can birth at home and my midwives feel it's safe, then I will birth at home. If we have any trepiditions about homebirth, then of course, I will birth in the hospital.

Anyways...onto the more positive.

Weight is up 26lbs. I had a bit of sugar and protein in my urine this time. Blood pressure is slightly higher but not high for me. None of this was worrisome to Dr. F. He confirmed that my Glucose Tolerance test came back low and my blood counts are nice and high.

He was able to palpate baby's position and she was head-down with her back to my right side.

Today I am thankful for a supportive husband and a network of strong, homebirthing women I can bounce this off of online. My good friend J has also birthed at home with my midwives. I need positive affirmations from here on in.

To boost my spirits, I stopped by the local birth store and bought myself The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears and tried on nursing bras to figure out my size, which she didn't have in right now.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby gear

I'm not finding shopping for baby gear to be much fun. It's overwhelming.

I just about pooped myself when I saw the prices of infant carseats. I'd say pee, but what pregnant lady ISN'T already peeing herself a little? Way more expensive then 11 years ago when I last bought one.

Part of me wants the lovely, boutiquey stuff this time around. The other part thinks it's ridiculous to spend gobs of money on certain items.

I just wish there was one store where we liked everything they carried and liked the prices. We just weren't getting that feeling at Babies R' Us and A Baby's World.

At least we left BRU with a crib mattress, mattress pad and a sheet. Picking out that was a feat in itself too!

Ultrasound #4

Went in for an ultrasound yesterday. My Perinatologist wanted to check the uterine/placenta bloodflow and make sure baby's growth was on target.

Well, she was breech and facing away from us, so while they did get all the measurements they needed, we didn't get a face shot or a double check of the sex. At least now I can confirm that when I'm feeling the shots to the cervix, that it's the feetsies that are pounding it. Even though I can't figure out when she has turned, I know she still is turning in there because I'll have a few days of cervix pounding, then it will switch to my preferred upper belly jabs. Even the Peri wasn't worried yet.

Blood flow was great. We could even see the coiled umbilical cord and where it inserts into her belly. She had a tummy full of amniotic fluid and my fluid levels are good. All measurements are consistent with 26wks and weight is estimated at 2.2lbs. It's very cool to be able to see your baby's internal organs like the chambers of the heart pumping blood.

The tech and I could feel her kicking back as she scanned my lower belly.

I didn't get pics, but we didn't really get any profile shots anyways.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, now that I'm nearing the 3rd trimester and the countdown is on, I'm starting to...shall I say....FREAK OUT a bit.

It's so easy to romanticize pregnancy and cute, wee babies and push aside the reality of what life with a baby is going to be like.

I LOVE being pregnant and am sad about only having 3+ months left. Never again will I experience the amazing movements and unique connection that only the pregnant mother feels.

It's been nearly 10yrs since I've done the baby thing so I'm going to cherish every last day I have with baby still inside me :)