Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An point form

  • 25 wks today!
  • Made it through the holidays at home with all the kids with only one, truly exhausted day where I hurt all over (Xmas eve)
  • Fell in the shower Xmas Eve morning. My ankle hit the metal door frame and butt took the rest of the impact. A week later and it still looks awful.
  • Kids barely fought amongst themselves, which is a feat in itself, considering they're normally used to seeing each other for 3 day blocks of time.
  • JB is really picking up with the activity now at morning, noon and night. I'm starting to have a 'belly alien' in there.
  • Sleep is getting a bit more restless now after a good few weeks of great sleep.
  • Afraid to step on the scale after the holidays. Good thing I don't weigh myself at home and don't have a medical appt for 2 wks still!
  • u/s is next Wednesday!

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