Monday, December 14, 2009

Nearly 23 wks!

I had my monthly Perinatologist appointment today. Weight is still increasing at the same schedule. Fundal height measures 2 wks ahead, but he's not worried about that, given my small torso and previously stretched out abs. He gave me my requisition for the glucose screening that I can go for anytime. I must be his most boring, normal patient!

Afterwards I went to Babies R Us and put stuff on our baby registry. I was surprised by how little I actually put on it. There were a few big items I didn't add, like a swing, which I hope to borrow or buy used. Also, I'd like Blake to look into what carseats and stroller look best.

Jelly Bean's movements have a pattern to them now. I can count on feeling her in bed as I get up and for a few hours in the morning, afternoon and evening. The Peri said these patterns should stay fairly consistent now. I think I might even be feeling hiccups too.

I put in a call to a doula coordinator today and she's going to select one local to me to get in touch with me in January. I've also contacted my cousin to set up a maternity photo shoot in the new year.

Hard to believe I'll be in the 3rd trimester next month!

Looking forward to seeing my midwife on Thursday.

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