Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Gear

I'm really starting to get the itch to start baby shopping! We're far from ready to welcome baby girl. It HAS been 9 years since my youngest was born, afterall.

So far we have:

- an outgrown pine dresser from the older kids.
- crib
- Ergo baby carrier
- couple onesies and sleepers
- 2nd hand exersaucer
- few toys

We won't be getting a change table, so the main big things we have left to get are:
- stroller
- carseat
- crib mattress

A friend has a bassinette she'll lend me.

I'm going to sew up some receiving blankets out of flannel I already have. I'll also make baby her crib blanket and any embellishments for the nursery walls.

Otherwise I'll need lots of the little things. Newborn clothes, diaper bag, crib sheets, swing, pouch/sling, toiletries, bathtub. A cousin may have baby girl clothes to lend us.

Maybe Auntie will get a chance to pick up her crochet hook and we'll be lucky enough to get a blankie and maybe she'll even learn to make booties :D

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  1. I have finally gotten the itch also. I don't feel our list is very large though, unless we're having a boy.