Monday, November 16, 2009

A perfectly normal visit

18 wks 5 days today.

I've gained about the equivalent of weight to my weeks. Baby's heartrate is 150-160ish. BP is 100/60. My Downs screening risk ratio came back at 1/3300 which is very good. I will have another u/s at about 28wks to check my uterine blood flow and baby's growth. Fundal height is 18 1/2.

Dr. F commented how "we're not doing much for you, are we" and that's just the way I like it! It feels terrific for everything to be so normal at this point. I said we're not believing the baby is a GIRL 100% at this point and Dr. F commented how "Well, I'm not known to be wrong about these things." which made me feel more positive.

The most unusual (for me) thing that's happened recently is the nose bleed I had on the w/e. That was pretty gross.

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  1. It seems throughout pregnancy I always get nosebleeds. I hate it.

    Congrats on the so far being a normal pregnancy! :)