Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 week NT scan

The Nuchal Translucency scan went great! Baby was measuring 5 days ahead at 12wks5days and 6.34cm crown to rump.

The nuchal fold looks great. Nasal bone is good. We even saw the blood flowing through the cord. They couldn't find any indication of bleeding at the placenta and the placenta is posterior.

At first baby was pretty still and he couldn't get a good look at the Nuchal Fold at the back of the neck, so they had me empty my bladder, tipped me back on the table and my Peri got in there with the transducer and shook the baby up! Then it started kicking and bouncing around and flipped face down.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Originally uploaded by sew_crafty_girl75
My first belly shot of the pregnancy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My Peri put the doppler on my belly and easily found the heartbeat. He checked my cervix which is thankfully closed and could see some old blood. He measured my fundal height for the first time and it's 14! Pretty good for 11wks. My uterus is rising up out of my pelvis now.

I hate being that needy patient. I wish I could be an average pregnant woman who just has to go in once a month for check-ups and not worry in between visits.

On Thursday I put on my crucifix necklace and haven't taken it off since. It reminds me to keep the faith and put things in God's hands.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I had some red bleeding when I wiped last night. I was feeling confident since there had been barely a hint of blood for weeks now. It has slowed to barely any staining now but I am still going to see my Perinatologist at 1pm today for a check.

I am scared and worried but having faith that this is not going to happen to me a 5th time. It cannot happen a 5th time.

I am 11wks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The lessons we teach our children

As much as I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, one might consider me a bit of a menace. You'll never find me baking without flour coating the floor. Canning fruit leaves behind a sticky trail on the kitchen floor. Cutting veggies? Why that led me straight to the walk in clinic last year to see if I needed stitches.

Many of the life lessons we pass on to our children come from personal experience. Tonight's lesson? Keep your distance from the flaming BBQ. The hair on the right side of my face is a little crispy now.

I'm sure glad I booked my brow wax and hair cut earlier today. On the plus side, the ribs were delicious!

My Neighbour Totoro

Inspired by a much loved movie in our house, I made this hoodie for the boy. Of course he's getting to the age where he simply can't stand and pose. He was "Monster Totoro"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time keeps on moving....

The time doesn't seem to be going slow or fast this pregnancy. It's just moving. Perhaps part of me expects the pregnancy the end sometime in the next 5 weeks so I'm just enjoying being pregnant right now.

A member of one of the discussion boards I'm on posted today about feeling panicky about the realization that soon she will actually have a baby to care for. I can totally understand this because PAL (pregnancy after loss) women focus so much on staying pregnant, it's hard to see the outcome after a birth.

I saw the midwife the other day and we had a nice, long listen to the heartbeat on doppler. It was 160BPM. This got me just a little more excited and I've since started talking to the baby at bedtime.

Last night I had my first bout of low back pain and sciatica. I was pretty excited. Since 9wks I've been having a lot more pulling and stretching sensations so my uterus is growing! Soon it will be peeking up above my pubic bone.

One of the positive side effects of the first trimester? I'm too tired to get too passionate about shopping..except when it comes to groceries of course!

I'm hoping to have a craft project to post about this w/e!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I canned 17, 1L jars of peaches or just under 48 lbs. The kids go nuts for the home canned peaches.

The last of my summer preserving is done....unless I decide to tackle some blueberry or strawberry rhubarb jam.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The most beautiful sound

*cue galloping horses*

I saw my Perinatologist today. He wanted to see me as a follow-up to my spotting. I was happy to report that the spotting was over. I was not so happy to step on the scale and see I'm already up 10 pounds! I'm just so starving ALL.THE.TIME. and truly trying to fill in the gaps with healthy foods.

He offered to try the doppler, but made no promises. I wasn't expecting much, but after a minute we heard that faint, beautiful heartbeat briefly. He was even surprised he was able to get it that early (9wks, 1 day).

I couldn't stop smiling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's my lucky day

Not only is today, 09/09/09, my 34th birthday, but I am also 9wks pregnant. How's that!

The zuchinni got turned into yummy choc. chip muffins. I also made a couple loafs of french bread.

I've been feeling lousy the last couple of days so I believe I'm coming down with something other than pregnancy. I think the birthday steak dinner might just have to be postponed :(

Monday, September 7, 2009


I love giving things away on our local freecycle. Today the lady that claimed all our National Geographic Magazines offered me a huge zuchinni from her garden. Now I have to find a recipe to bake with it tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Month #3 here I come

I'm 8wks along today. On to the final month stretch before my anxiety will start to kick in more. I think I'll be able to relax once I reach 20wks. The spotting I've been having has calmed down to next to nothing. Thankfully the nausea that caused me to take meds in past pregnancies has been low key and I haven't needed Diclectin. I'm sleeping terrible, starving all the time and peeing every 1/2 hour, but loving it (for the most part)!

Last week we saw our little bean alive and well. Next week I see my Perinatologist. The week after I see the midwives and at the end of this month I have a 12 week NT scan.