Monday, July 6, 2009

Our new additions

On Friday we surprised the kids by taking them up to the Vet's office/pet store under the ruse that we were popping in to look at animals before shopping at Costco.

They had no idea what was happening as we walked to the back of the exam room where the kittens were kept. My son started crying, overwhelmed about missing our old kitty and happy at the same time. We had to change our minds about which black & white kitty we brought home as the original choice was a little too skittish.

Over the weekend the names went back and forth and we settled on Skittles for the tabby girl and kept the name Koolaid that the vets named the boy. A few days home and their personalities started to emerge. Koolaid is very rambunctious and mischievous, crying for his sister if she gets too far from him. Skittles is laid back and fairly content to be held for short periods of time.

We're so glad we brought the two of them home and hope they bring us as much joy over the years as Uno did.

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