Monday, July 13, 2009

Miscarriage history, for archive purposes

I've written about my miscarriages in an old blog, but want to archive some of the details here.

Dec/06 - Pregnant and due in August.
Feb. 10/07 - Start spotting at 13 wks.
Feb. 13/07 - Find out baby has died on u/s. Measured 8wks.
Feb. 14/07 - D&C

May/07 - Pregnant and due Feb. 13
Have some brown spotting.
July 17/07 - U/S at 10 wks. Baby stopped developing at 6wks. No symptoms.

Testing done. Told I have Lupus Anticoagulant clotting disorder. Told to take baby aspirin.

Mar/08 - Pregnant and due Nov. 17
Brown spotting.
Apr. 1/08 - See heartbeat at 7wks 2days
Apr. 16/08 - See heartbeat at 9wks 2 days
OB tells me I can stop baby aspirin as I'm not testing negative for Lupus Anticoagulant
May 26/08 - Red spotting at 15 wks. Midwife can't find HB
May 27/08 - U/S shows baby died at 10wks 3 days.
Miscarry in ER then need D&C a week later for placental retention. Baby is found to be normal.

Oct/08 - experience a 'chemical pregnancy'. Have a positive early HPT but period arrives on time.

Dec. 22/08 - Pregnant and due Sept. 5
Betas doubling nicely
Start brown spotting right away.
Jan 19/09 - u/s. Baby is measuring 2 days ahead. 7wks 3 days. Can see an area of bleeding. Gestational sac looks irregular. Start Heparin injections.
Jan. 23/09 - Start bleeding heavily and go to ER.
Jan. 26/09 - Baby is measuring 9wks on u/s!
Hear heartbeat on doppler at 11 wks.
Mar. 19/09 - Start bleeding. U/S shows baby died at 13 wks.
Mar. 22 - Have Cytotec managed miscarriage at home. Start bleeding heavy and need a blood transfusion then D&C.

Get referral to Perinatolgist. All lab work turns up negative. No Lupus Anticoagulant. Homocystene levels are a bit elevated which means more Folic Acid.

Back to square one.

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