Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Journal

Garden Journal
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I created a journal using cardboard and drawing paper to keep track of my newly planted garden and it's progress over the years. I love knowing the proper names for everything I've planted.

Baby Gift

Baby Gift
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What better motivation to do some crafts, than a baby shower!

This book is taken from a class at the BC Crop for Kids. I bought the supplies at my LSS (local scrapbook store) Photo Express. Since I haven't actually taken the class , the book is a bit rough in places, and isn't exactly the same, but I'm pretty happy with my replication. The class is taught by someone from my LSS.

For anyone wanting to give this a try, the flap book is by Piggy Tales and the Monkey line is Reminisce "Monkey Business" by . The challenging part of this project was definitely cutting the patterned paper with the enclosed template to fit the flaps and getting the paper glued down without air bubbles. By using the whole Monkey Business line though, it took the guess work out of coordinating the pages.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New post coming soon

I have a couple projects on the go that I hope to post this weekend.

We've been busy building flower beds, trimming out the basement, getting ready for the next child's birthday party and planning our vacation in August.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost there!

After a year and a bit of living in our new home, it is getting so close to being complete.

When we moved in, the basement was unfinished, there were a number of builder deficiencies and the landscaping was boring grass and shrubs.

Over the couple weeks, I've stained our fence and front porch, the basement flooring was done by my husband and the pros, part of the garage unpacked and organized and flower beds planted.



Husband's hobby room

Hallway laminate that husband installed.

Miscarriage history, for archive purposes

I've written about my miscarriages in an old blog, but want to archive some of the details here.

Dec/06 - Pregnant and due in August.
Feb. 10/07 - Start spotting at 13 wks.
Feb. 13/07 - Find out baby has died on u/s. Measured 8wks.
Feb. 14/07 - D&C

May/07 - Pregnant and due Feb. 13
Have some brown spotting.
July 17/07 - U/S at 10 wks. Baby stopped developing at 6wks. No symptoms.

Testing done. Told I have Lupus Anticoagulant clotting disorder. Told to take baby aspirin.

Mar/08 - Pregnant and due Nov. 17
Brown spotting.
Apr. 1/08 - See heartbeat at 7wks 2days
Apr. 16/08 - See heartbeat at 9wks 2 days
OB tells me I can stop baby aspirin as I'm not testing negative for Lupus Anticoagulant
May 26/08 - Red spotting at 15 wks. Midwife can't find HB
May 27/08 - U/S shows baby died at 10wks 3 days.
Miscarry in ER then need D&C a week later for placental retention. Baby is found to be normal.

Oct/08 - experience a 'chemical pregnancy'. Have a positive early HPT but period arrives on time.

Dec. 22/08 - Pregnant and due Sept. 5
Betas doubling nicely
Start brown spotting right away.
Jan 19/09 - u/s. Baby is measuring 2 days ahead. 7wks 3 days. Can see an area of bleeding. Gestational sac looks irregular. Start Heparin injections.
Jan. 23/09 - Start bleeding heavily and go to ER.
Jan. 26/09 - Baby is measuring 9wks on u/s!
Hear heartbeat on doppler at 11 wks.
Mar. 19/09 - Start bleeding. U/S shows baby died at 13 wks.
Mar. 22 - Have Cytotec managed miscarriage at home. Start bleeding heavy and need a blood transfusion then D&C.

Get referral to Perinatolgist. All lab work turns up negative. No Lupus Anticoagulant. Homocystene levels are a bit elevated which means more Folic Acid.

Back to square one.

Back to work for a rest

Yesterday ended my first week of summer vacation with my kids.

We don't go very far during this week as the step-children are still in school, but it's nice just the same to have them with me for a whole week, since they live with their Dad.

We managed to get a few nice days in there and it felt so good to get out and into my garden after several days of rain. The original plan was to leave the flower beds in their original state for one more summer, but my green thumb was getting itchy. I was so happy to get out there and rip out the boring/ugly purple Rhodos and Escallonia shrubs the developer planted. My son (9) took charge as the master landscaper and it was a lot of fun.

Over the weekend, step-daughter had her 10th birthday party. A sleepover. It went a lot better than I had anticipated.

Tomorrow it's back to work for me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our new additions

On Friday we surprised the kids by taking them up to the Vet's office/pet store under the ruse that we were popping in to look at animals before shopping at Costco.

They had no idea what was happening as we walked to the back of the exam room where the kittens were kept. My son started crying, overwhelmed about missing our old kitty and happy at the same time. We had to change our minds about which black & white kitty we brought home as the original choice was a little too skittish.

Over the weekend the names went back and forth and we settled on Skittles for the tabby girl and kept the name Koolaid that the vets named the boy. A few days home and their personalities started to emerge. Koolaid is very rambunctious and mischievous, crying for his sister if she gets too far from him. Skittles is laid back and fairly content to be held for short periods of time.

We're so glad we brought the two of them home and hope they bring us as much joy over the years as Uno did.