Thursday, December 31, 2009

A look back on the decade

The 2000's started off with a bang with my son being born.

Shortly after, I got divorced.

Found out a lot about myself over the next couple of years.

Met the new love of my life in 2003.

Married in 2006.

Dealt with a lot of heartache over the next few years. Lost my father-in-law and 4 babies.

Ended 2009 with a baby growing strong in my belly and new hope.

Looking forward to the new adventures 2010 will bring.


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My belly makes a nice shelf for my iPhone.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An point form

  • 25 wks today!
  • Made it through the holidays at home with all the kids with only one, truly exhausted day where I hurt all over (Xmas eve)
  • Fell in the shower Xmas Eve morning. My ankle hit the metal door frame and butt took the rest of the impact. A week later and it still looks awful.
  • Kids barely fought amongst themselves, which is a feat in itself, considering they're normally used to seeing each other for 3 day blocks of time.
  • JB is really picking up with the activity now at morning, noon and night. I'm starting to have a 'belly alien' in there.
  • Sleep is getting a bit more restless now after a good few weeks of great sleep.
  • Afraid to step on the scale after the holidays. Good thing I don't weigh myself at home and don't have a medical appt for 2 wks still!
  • u/s is next Wednesday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

"You're looking pleasantly pregnant" what my midwife said to me as I walked into my appt. with her last night.

BP was 112/58, baby's HB was 150-155 and both her and Dr. F have found it smack dab in the middle between my pubic bone and belly button. JB kicked her as she measured the height of my uterus.

I brought home a couple books and a movie from their library:
- Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, which I've read before and loved.
- The Birth Book by Dr. Sears.
- The Miracle of Birth DVD.

I'll probably go and do my glucose tolerance test tomorrow. In the New Year it will be time to get down to business and go on the hospital tour, get my registration papers and look into ordering my homebirth kit. Time to start Planning the Birth details!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nearly 23 wks!

I had my monthly Perinatologist appointment today. Weight is still increasing at the same schedule. Fundal height measures 2 wks ahead, but he's not worried about that, given my small torso and previously stretched out abs. He gave me my requisition for the glucose screening that I can go for anytime. I must be his most boring, normal patient!

Afterwards I went to Babies R Us and put stuff on our baby registry. I was surprised by how little I actually put on it. There were a few big items I didn't add, like a swing, which I hope to borrow or buy used. Also, I'd like Blake to look into what carseats and stroller look best.

Jelly Bean's movements have a pattern to them now. I can count on feeling her in bed as I get up and for a few hours in the morning, afternoon and evening. The Peri said these patterns should stay fairly consistent now. I think I might even be feeling hiccups too.

I put in a call to a doula coordinator today and she's going to select one local to me to get in touch with me in January. I've also contacted my cousin to set up a maternity photo shoot in the new year.

Hard to believe I'll be in the 3rd trimester next month!

Looking forward to seeing my midwife on Thursday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

22 wks

22 wks
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I'm really getting a big ole belly now.

Blake felt JB move for the first time yesterday. He had seen her move just a few days prior too.

Her favourite position does seem to be feet kicking my bladder/cervix, so I find it particularly delightful when she decides to kick my sides or upper belly and I can see/feel it from the outside.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Gear

I'm really starting to get the itch to start baby shopping! We're far from ready to welcome baby girl. It HAS been 9 years since my youngest was born, afterall.

So far we have:

- an outgrown pine dresser from the older kids.
- crib
- Ergo baby carrier
- couple onesies and sleepers
- 2nd hand exersaucer
- few toys

We won't be getting a change table, so the main big things we have left to get are:
- stroller
- carseat
- crib mattress

A friend has a bassinette she'll lend me.

I'm going to sew up some receiving blankets out of flannel I already have. I'll also make baby her crib blanket and any embellishments for the nursery walls.

Otherwise I'll need lots of the little things. Newborn clothes, diaper bag, crib sheets, swing, pouch/sling, toiletries, bathtub. A cousin may have baby girl clothes to lend us.

Maybe Auntie will get a chance to pick up her crochet hook and we'll be lucky enough to get a blankie and maybe she'll even learn to make booties :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hope my body smartens up soon. I'm not sure how I'm going to do 21 more possible weeks feeling so stiff and sore.

My hands, feet and shoulders are in a lot of discomfort. It's affecting my sleep, my ability to spend the day baking, xmas shopping.

Blah. Maybe I need to take up swimming.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


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Now that I'm 1/2 way, my focus is shifting from worrying about spotting blood every time I wipe, to thinking about the future, our lives with this baby in our family. Cherishing these last 20 or so weeks in this last pregnancy of mine.

I've started seeing my chiropracter to keep away any serious back pain or sciatica and my back has been feeling great.

Baby girl's movements are being felt by me more regularly. Still not a lot of major kicks to my belly...more internal shots to my bladder.

Monday, November 23, 2009

That sucks...

Canada bans sale of drop sided cribs:

Guess we'll be returning our first major baby purchase I was so happy to have out of the way!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A perfectly normal visit

18 wks 5 days today.

I've gained about the equivalent of weight to my weeks. Baby's heartrate is 150-160ish. BP is 100/60. My Downs screening risk ratio came back at 1/3300 which is very good. I will have another u/s at about 28wks to check my uterine blood flow and baby's growth. Fundal height is 18 1/2.

Dr. F commented how "we're not doing much for you, are we" and that's just the way I like it! It feels terrific for everything to be so normal at this point. I said we're not believing the baby is a GIRL 100% at this point and Dr. F commented how "Well, I'm not known to be wrong about these things." which made me feel more positive.

The most unusual (for me) thing that's happened recently is the nose bleed I had on the w/e. That was pretty gross.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anatomy scan

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So today was my 18wk scan. Leading up to it, Jellybean was bouncing around like crazy all afternoon. I think my bladder is it's new trampoline.

I drank an OJ before going in just to make sure JB would still be awake and active.

It was amazing to see how big JB had grown since the last scan. It was bouncing all over the place. We got great looks at all the parts and my Peri described everything in detail as the tech measured.

Then he turns to us and asks us if we want to know the sex. We went back and forth and Blake left it up to me. I said "sure, if you're able to tell". This was the first time I've had the opportunity to find out.

We're having a baby girl! He's 51 to 49 in favour of that :) I think they'll double check at my 24wk-26wk scan where he wants to keep an eye on my uterus.

The girls are going to be thrilled when we tell them tomorrow night.

We bought the crib on our way home since BRU had a sale on. It's nothing fancy. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something baby will only sleep on for 2 years.

Name will be kept a secret until her birthday!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Better get used to this...

I think I had just better get used to aches and pains from here on in. Over the w/e I had some pains around my belly button and today my back hurts. Jellybean must be sticking true to it's development and having those growth spurts right on time!

3 more days until my u/s! I can't wait.

I'm still in awe everyday when I wipe and have no blood and feel Jellybean squirming around in there. I can't wait to feel those big kicks starting more regularly.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

17 wks

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Time is really starting to fly now. Before I know it, I'll be half way there!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

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I had my kids for Halloween this year for the first time in 8 years. We were inspired after watching Grease, so I made M a poodle skirt. My guy W wanted to be a secret agent, so we were able to thrift most of his costume.

Stepdaughter F changed her mind the day before and decided she didn't like her pirate costume anymore and went as a "Pajama Freak".

I took them out while hubby braved the smaller than expected numbers of trick or treaters. Stepson C stayed in with a friend. We lasted about 1 1/2 hours out, until my feet screamed "No More!". The kids were all psyched over their haul of candy.


This is the most amount of discomfort I've been in this pregnancy.

I'm not sure what's going on in there, but I had some wicked sharp round ligament pains down low on my left all morning and my middle back is in knots on the same side.

I'm 17wks tomorrow. I can't believe it!!

Edit: I just checked my babycenter update for 16wks and it says that the baby is doubling in weight and growing in length a lot over the next 3 weeks, hence the pain.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Isn't it ironic??

I'm finally having a normal, healthy pregnancy and it just happens to be in the middle of the H1N1 flu pandemic. Really! REALLY? Come on now.

It's like I've been put through so many tests. Babies 1-4 were just warm ups to see if I could make it through a pandemic pregannt and unscathed. Just my luck.

I said to a friend today, "one day we'll look back on this and barely remember it."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another personal milestone

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today. Guess what that means? I've surpassed the 4 miscarriages!

Movements are still sporadic. Somedays I hardly notice any, others I feel the strongest ones I've felt yet. They range from low to belly button to my left hip.

I'm feeling a definate presence in my lower left belly.

The heartburn is starting to increase and I have to be careful about what I choose for my bedtime snack.

Thankfully bathroom trips are down to 1-2 a night. But, not so thankfully, constipation is becoming an occasional issue.

Next appt is my u/s on Nov. 12.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2 appointments

I saw my Perinatologist this morning. He said I had a 'cheshire cat grin' and it was nice to see me looking so happy. I was expecting to have a huge weight gain and was pleased that it was only 3.5 lbs in 4 weeks, bringing me up to 13.5 so far, yikes!

Heartbeat sounded great. Fundal height is 15cm and the top of my uterus is right at my belly button now. Blood pressure was good. He did say the cervical swab he took at 11wks when I was bleeding, came back positive for Group B strep.

Then I saw the midwife tonight. We chatted a bunch about H1N1 vaccination. Went over my medical history. Had a listen to the HB again. 165BPM. She said what could be a roadblock in a homebirth for me would be my previous D&Cs, but since she, herself, had a homebirth after caesarean, she's an advocate for it. We would look at that further down the road. We talked about my diet, how I'm feeling, etc. She also reccomended I look into a Post Partum Doula since I have few friends and no family here.

U/S is 24 days and counting!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


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Today I am 14wks and 1 day.

I feel sad as I light a candle and remember the 4 babies I lost but at the same time, happy about the Jellybean in my belly. It's a bittersweet thing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's already keeping me up at night!

Last night was a rough night with hubby not feeling well and being up every hour. So that meant I was up quite often too.

At 2am my belly was sooo achey. I guess baby is growing lots right now because the belly aches have been increasing. So from 2am until about 3:30am I layed in bed, feeding baby peanut butter ritz crackers and feeling it squirm around. It even gave me a good little kick at one point. Ritz weren't satisfying baby so I had to get up and feed it some yogurt and finally I was able to fall back asleep.

I think we need to give baby a nickname. I can't keep calling baby "It".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is that movement I feel?

I've been feeling squirms and rolling sensations for a few days now and today I felt my first firm "TAP TAP", down low. It brought an instant smile to my face.

I'm hoping that over the next fews days I'll feel this with an increasing frequency which will give me a little more peace of mind.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pinch me, I'm dreaming

I decided to call up the midwives for a quick check today.

Baby kept swimming from the doppler and kicking it! 160BPM. Midwife said I can come in anytime I need to hear it.

The possibilities for this baby are getting more and more real as the weeks pass by.

In 2 weeks I see my Peri and Midwife and today I booked my 18wk u/s in November! It's only 5wks away!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joy with a twinge of sadness

While I've felt the happiest and most positive in recent pregnancies these last couple of weeks, it's tinged with a bit of sadness. As I walked down the hospital corridors to the parking lot, after my u/s, I remembered our last baby that died around this time and how the baby I'm carrying now would resemble that little baby we said goodbye to too soon, back in March.

I'm trying to decide on whether I just keep the faith and wait the 3 weeks until my 15wk appt, or if I call up the midwives for a doppler check between now and then. Our last 2 pregnancies ended at 15wks.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 week NT scan

The Nuchal Translucency scan went great! Baby was measuring 5 days ahead at 12wks5days and 6.34cm crown to rump.

The nuchal fold looks great. Nasal bone is good. We even saw the blood flowing through the cord. They couldn't find any indication of bleeding at the placenta and the placenta is posterior.

At first baby was pretty still and he couldn't get a good look at the Nuchal Fold at the back of the neck, so they had me empty my bladder, tipped me back on the table and my Peri got in there with the transducer and shook the baby up! Then it started kicking and bouncing around and flipped face down.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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My first belly shot of the pregnancy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My Peri put the doppler on my belly and easily found the heartbeat. He checked my cervix which is thankfully closed and could see some old blood. He measured my fundal height for the first time and it's 14! Pretty good for 11wks. My uterus is rising up out of my pelvis now.

I hate being that needy patient. I wish I could be an average pregnant woman who just has to go in once a month for check-ups and not worry in between visits.

On Thursday I put on my crucifix necklace and haven't taken it off since. It reminds me to keep the faith and put things in God's hands.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I had some red bleeding when I wiped last night. I was feeling confident since there had been barely a hint of blood for weeks now. It has slowed to barely any staining now but I am still going to see my Perinatologist at 1pm today for a check.

I am scared and worried but having faith that this is not going to happen to me a 5th time. It cannot happen a 5th time.

I am 11wks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The lessons we teach our children

As much as I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, one might consider me a bit of a menace. You'll never find me baking without flour coating the floor. Canning fruit leaves behind a sticky trail on the kitchen floor. Cutting veggies? Why that led me straight to the walk in clinic last year to see if I needed stitches.

Many of the life lessons we pass on to our children come from personal experience. Tonight's lesson? Keep your distance from the flaming BBQ. The hair on the right side of my face is a little crispy now.

I'm sure glad I booked my brow wax and hair cut earlier today. On the plus side, the ribs were delicious!

My Neighbour Totoro

Inspired by a much loved movie in our house, I made this hoodie for the boy. Of course he's getting to the age where he simply can't stand and pose. He was "Monster Totoro"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time keeps on moving....

The time doesn't seem to be going slow or fast this pregnancy. It's just moving. Perhaps part of me expects the pregnancy the end sometime in the next 5 weeks so I'm just enjoying being pregnant right now.

A member of one of the discussion boards I'm on posted today about feeling panicky about the realization that soon she will actually have a baby to care for. I can totally understand this because PAL (pregnancy after loss) women focus so much on staying pregnant, it's hard to see the outcome after a birth.

I saw the midwife the other day and we had a nice, long listen to the heartbeat on doppler. It was 160BPM. This got me just a little more excited and I've since started talking to the baby at bedtime.

Last night I had my first bout of low back pain and sciatica. I was pretty excited. Since 9wks I've been having a lot more pulling and stretching sensations so my uterus is growing! Soon it will be peeking up above my pubic bone.

One of the positive side effects of the first trimester? I'm too tired to get too passionate about shopping..except when it comes to groceries of course!

I'm hoping to have a craft project to post about this w/e!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I canned 17, 1L jars of peaches or just under 48 lbs. The kids go nuts for the home canned peaches.

The last of my summer preserving is done....unless I decide to tackle some blueberry or strawberry rhubarb jam.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The most beautiful sound

*cue galloping horses*

I saw my Perinatologist today. He wanted to see me as a follow-up to my spotting. I was happy to report that the spotting was over. I was not so happy to step on the scale and see I'm already up 10 pounds! I'm just so starving ALL.THE.TIME. and truly trying to fill in the gaps with healthy foods.

He offered to try the doppler, but made no promises. I wasn't expecting much, but after a minute we heard that faint, beautiful heartbeat briefly. He was even surprised he was able to get it that early (9wks, 1 day).

I couldn't stop smiling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's my lucky day

Not only is today, 09/09/09, my 34th birthday, but I am also 9wks pregnant. How's that!

The zuchinni got turned into yummy choc. chip muffins. I also made a couple loafs of french bread.

I've been feeling lousy the last couple of days so I believe I'm coming down with something other than pregnancy. I think the birthday steak dinner might just have to be postponed :(

Monday, September 7, 2009


I love giving things away on our local freecycle. Today the lady that claimed all our National Geographic Magazines offered me a huge zuchinni from her garden. Now I have to find a recipe to bake with it tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Month #3 here I come

I'm 8wks along today. On to the final month stretch before my anxiety will start to kick in more. I think I'll be able to relax once I reach 20wks. The spotting I've been having has calmed down to next to nothing. Thankfully the nausea that caused me to take meds in past pregnancies has been low key and I haven't needed Diclectin. I'm sleeping terrible, starving all the time and peeing every 1/2 hour, but loving it (for the most part)!

Last week we saw our little bean alive and well. Next week I see my Perinatologist. The week after I see the midwives and at the end of this month I have a 12 week NT scan.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Current Project

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So my latest project under construction is an April Baby. Fingers crossed and prayers being said that in the Spring, I'll be holding the 5th member of our family. We've got a long journey ahead of us still. I'm counting down the days until next week and u/s #1.

Farmer's Market Love

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One of my new favorite weekend activities has become our saturday trips to the local farmers market, only 5 minutes from our house.

This picture includes on of the bounties, plus some goodies from my Dad's garden. My Dad plants 2 community plots each summer and I'm so envious of this. How I'd love to have a huge vegetable garden to supply us with fresh veg all summer.

Starting last summer, I took up canning. It's so satisfying to be able to enjoy this delicious produce in the off season. Okanagan peaches, locally picked blackberries, Fraser Valley Strawberries. Yum!

Baby Gift Part 2

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Another part of the baby gift that went with the Monkey Book. I really enjoy coming up with these books but boy are they time consuming!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Journal

Garden Journal
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I created a journal using cardboard and drawing paper to keep track of my newly planted garden and it's progress over the years. I love knowing the proper names for everything I've planted.

Baby Gift

Baby Gift
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What better motivation to do some crafts, than a baby shower!

This book is taken from a class at the BC Crop for Kids. I bought the supplies at my LSS (local scrapbook store) Photo Express. Since I haven't actually taken the class , the book is a bit rough in places, and isn't exactly the same, but I'm pretty happy with my replication. The class is taught by someone from my LSS.

For anyone wanting to give this a try, the flap book is by Piggy Tales and the Monkey line is Reminisce "Monkey Business" by . The challenging part of this project was definitely cutting the patterned paper with the enclosed template to fit the flaps and getting the paper glued down without air bubbles. By using the whole Monkey Business line though, it took the guess work out of coordinating the pages.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New post coming soon

I have a couple projects on the go that I hope to post this weekend.

We've been busy building flower beds, trimming out the basement, getting ready for the next child's birthday party and planning our vacation in August.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost there!

After a year and a bit of living in our new home, it is getting so close to being complete.

When we moved in, the basement was unfinished, there were a number of builder deficiencies and the landscaping was boring grass and shrubs.

Over the couple weeks, I've stained our fence and front porch, the basement flooring was done by my husband and the pros, part of the garage unpacked and organized and flower beds planted.



Husband's hobby room

Hallway laminate that husband installed.

Miscarriage history, for archive purposes

I've written about my miscarriages in an old blog, but want to archive some of the details here.

Dec/06 - Pregnant and due in August.
Feb. 10/07 - Start spotting at 13 wks.
Feb. 13/07 - Find out baby has died on u/s. Measured 8wks.
Feb. 14/07 - D&C

May/07 - Pregnant and due Feb. 13
Have some brown spotting.
July 17/07 - U/S at 10 wks. Baby stopped developing at 6wks. No symptoms.

Testing done. Told I have Lupus Anticoagulant clotting disorder. Told to take baby aspirin.

Mar/08 - Pregnant and due Nov. 17
Brown spotting.
Apr. 1/08 - See heartbeat at 7wks 2days
Apr. 16/08 - See heartbeat at 9wks 2 days
OB tells me I can stop baby aspirin as I'm not testing negative for Lupus Anticoagulant
May 26/08 - Red spotting at 15 wks. Midwife can't find HB
May 27/08 - U/S shows baby died at 10wks 3 days.
Miscarry in ER then need D&C a week later for placental retention. Baby is found to be normal.

Oct/08 - experience a 'chemical pregnancy'. Have a positive early HPT but period arrives on time.

Dec. 22/08 - Pregnant and due Sept. 5
Betas doubling nicely
Start brown spotting right away.
Jan 19/09 - u/s. Baby is measuring 2 days ahead. 7wks 3 days. Can see an area of bleeding. Gestational sac looks irregular. Start Heparin injections.
Jan. 23/09 - Start bleeding heavily and go to ER.
Jan. 26/09 - Baby is measuring 9wks on u/s!
Hear heartbeat on doppler at 11 wks.
Mar. 19/09 - Start bleeding. U/S shows baby died at 13 wks.
Mar. 22 - Have Cytotec managed miscarriage at home. Start bleeding heavy and need a blood transfusion then D&C.

Get referral to Perinatolgist. All lab work turns up negative. No Lupus Anticoagulant. Homocystene levels are a bit elevated which means more Folic Acid.

Back to square one.

Back to work for a rest

Yesterday ended my first week of summer vacation with my kids.

We don't go very far during this week as the step-children are still in school, but it's nice just the same to have them with me for a whole week, since they live with their Dad.

We managed to get a few nice days in there and it felt so good to get out and into my garden after several days of rain. The original plan was to leave the flower beds in their original state for one more summer, but my green thumb was getting itchy. I was so happy to get out there and rip out the boring/ugly purple Rhodos and Escallonia shrubs the developer planted. My son (9) took charge as the master landscaper and it was a lot of fun.

Over the weekend, step-daughter had her 10th birthday party. A sleepover. It went a lot better than I had anticipated.

Tomorrow it's back to work for me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our new additions

On Friday we surprised the kids by taking them up to the Vet's office/pet store under the ruse that we were popping in to look at animals before shopping at Costco.

They had no idea what was happening as we walked to the back of the exam room where the kittens were kept. My son started crying, overwhelmed about missing our old kitty and happy at the same time. We had to change our minds about which black & white kitty we brought home as the original choice was a little too skittish.

Over the weekend the names went back and forth and we settled on Skittles for the tabby girl and kept the name Koolaid that the vets named the boy. A few days home and their personalities started to emerge. Koolaid is very rambunctious and mischievous, crying for his sister if she gets too far from him. Skittles is laid back and fairly content to be held for short periods of time.

We're so glad we brought the two of them home and hope they bring us as much joy over the years as Uno did.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warm fuzzies

Last month our beautiful kitty died in an accident and our family was devasted. We hadn't decided when to get another cat or whether we'd adopt another adult or kitten.

This morning my co-worker came to me and told me about 4 kittens at the vets' office that needed a home, or else they'd be turned over to the SPCA. They're already spayed and neutered. I called Mr. Hubby and we agreed to check it out. I headed over there at lunch and of course fell in love with them. Brother and Sister have been selected to join our family and we will surprise the kids by going to pick them up on Saturday.

It's been a very long time since I've had a kitten and it's the first time I've had 2 cats at once. This should be an adventure!